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Tired of struggling

Single Mom23 started this conversation

Hi, I am a young single mom.  I am 23yrs old and i have a six yr. old son.  I go to school part time( was full time) and I work three jobs trying to provide for my son and myself.  I am a allied health major because I love to help people.  I graduate in May of 08 but I don't know how long i can carry on with this schedule.  On an average day i start at 4a.m and if I work overnight I may get two hours of sleep but otherwise my day doesn't end until 12 or 1 a.m each day and I really am at the end of my rope.  Why does it seem so hard for a woman trying to do better for herself and her family.  Please help! Financial, advice, words of encouragement, its all welcomed and appreciated.

Single Mom23

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God Bless U all...I am going thru the same. My prayers go out to you and your family's
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I feel like you and I don't have kids

take care


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Hi, I know exaclty what you are talking about.  I raised three kids on my own.  At one time I worked 3 jobs while doing my undergraduate degree, then I went to law school.  It was very tough.  My kids are grown up, I put them through college, the last one is entering college and I am still struggling.  There were some times when I was financially able to pay my bills, but these days, things have gotten really tough for me.  My motto, tough times don't last, tough people do.  I don't know why the poor gets poorer, but I could use about $5,000 now.

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